Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get Fit: Coast 2 Coast Challenge

Welcome to the Get Fit Challenge! Open to anyone of any size and fitness level. This weight loss challenge is designed to motivate you and push you all the way until the end. How, you ask? Well, part of it will be the usual blogging, posting words of encouragement and motivation to push you to meet your goals. But also, because there's money and other goodies involved! And who doesn't like money and goodies? 

Here's how this weight loss challenge will work. If you would like to participate, you buy in with $10 through a PayPal account on this blog. (The PayPal account is not up yet, but will be set up soon). Once you pay your "fee", you're in it to win it. The more people who participate, the more money we'll have to give to the top winner of this Challenge. The money will sit in the PayPal account, then transferred via PayPal to the top winner. The runner up will also receive a workout pack, full of goodies. 

How do you become a winner? Easy, you just have to be one of the top 2 who lose the highest percentage of body weight. This is not a pounds challenge, although you will be losing pounds. Each week we'll post the top 3 "biggest losers" and we'll do our best to keep pushing you forward. 

This challenge is 8 weeks and will officially start Monday, April 9th and end on Monday, June 4th. The 2 winners will be announced Tuesday, June 5th. Just in time for summer! Lets get started on our beach bodies!!

There are still a few details being put together, but in the mean time please take a look at the RULES page and FAQs.

If you are interested in signing up, leave a comment here so we have an idea of exactly how many people are interested. Once PayPal is up we will make another post!