Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week Three Weigh-in

Welcome to week three! We hope you all are continuing to push forward! Use whatever you can to keep you motivated. 

How did you do with the mini challenge this week? If you made a pledge to do push-ups, did you meet it?

What challenges did you face this week? How did you overcome them?

Please link up your post! 

And Heather and I leave you with this motivational weight loss transformation video. She loss 180 lbs with diet and exercise. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Push Up Pledge

Hey guys! Heather here, I wanted to raise another challenge to you guys this week.
Its called the pushup pledge. All you do is push ups! Easy right!!!!
Comment below on how many push ups you would like to pledge to do before the weigh in on Monday and do them :)
 My pledge is going to be 100 by Weigh in. How many do you pledge to do?

''tssahhh push it, push it real good..."----my attempt at Salt n Peppa

Monday, April 23, 2012

Top 3 Biggest Losers for W2!

Congratulations to our Week 2 top3!!

Charlie -2.59%

Christa -2.14%

Hollie -2.00%

Woo-hoo!! Still 6 weeks left in this challenge, it's anyone's game!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week Two Weigh-in

I'm posting this a day early for the bloggers that want to posting done on the weekend, please feel free to post today or Monday.

Great job the last 2 weeks! We hope to keep this great momentum going for the remaining 6 weeks! The competition is hot! 

Alright, please link-up your weigh-in post!

Also, why don't we try a mini challenge this week?

  • Mini Challenge: Drink only water for the whole week!
We want to avoid drinking our calories by steering clear of sugared down soft drinks and coffee. Give it a try!

Good Luck for next week!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

How's it going?

Just wanting to check in, week 2 is almost over. Just a couple days left to get in some fitness before weigh-in day!

Let us know how you're doing. 

What are you finding to be the hardest things to overcome?

What are some of your obstacles? 

How are you pushing through them?

Heather and I have come across our fair share of tough moments. Some much harder to overcome than others. Neither one of us is close to perfect and we make our fitness mistakes. Skipping workouts, eating fast foods, and we always feel like crap afterward, right? But it's ok, it really is. Everyday day we have, is a new day to make new decisions, better decisions. 

No matter what happened yesterday, we can always make things right today. Take one day at a time, focusing on making small changes everyday that add up over time. 

Heather and I have been making small goals to meet everyday. Last week we had one goal to meet, this week was 2 goals. Next week will be 3 goals. Three small goals we have to meet every single day. One small change at a time. Makes things feel less overwhelming.

We hope your week has been great and we look forward to seeing how everyone stacks up! Right now we have 12 paid players in this game. And there's still time for more to join up so encourage your blog followers and friends to join up!

Good Luck!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Top 3 Biggest Losers for W1

Here are our top 3 competitors of week one! These are the ladies to beat!

1. Samantha -3.26 %

2. Carrie -3.06 %

3. Denise -2.61%

Congratulations ladies!!

Motivational Monday

You don't get it by STARING

You don't get it by WISHING

You Don't get it by DROOLING

You don't get it EASY

You get it by
Getting off your ass
Of every DAY
For the rest of your Life

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week One Weigh-in!

Congratulations to all who made through week one! We eagerly await your first week results. Please use the inlinks  at the bottom of the post to link-up your post. 

How was the first week?

What challenges did you face/overcome?

What motivated you to stay on track?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Chance Workout Day!

Tomorrow is "weigh-in" day. You have all day TODAY to stay active and get in your last chance workouts. Get moving today and try something new. Go hiking, get the bikes out of the garage, go for a swim. Just stay moving all day! 

I know you guys are doing awesome, the first week is almost over, 7 more to go! You can do it!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Neato idea

This is really neat, something to use as a visual motivation tool. I might do this for myself, so I can see it everyday. 


How is everyone doing?

Hey guys! Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing with the challenge!
How are your workouts? How are your food choices?

We are here to push and encourage you! We wish you the best of luck. Keep working hard!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Challenge Starts NOW!! Good Luck to all who join!

Alright ladies and gents, the day has finally come! Time to get your Get Fit Challenge faces on!!

Heather and I would like to thank all who have signed up! The link-up is now open to all that wish to participate. Please post your link in the post (and not in the comments) by using the "In Links" button at the bottom of the post. This will help keep an easier track on everyone! 

Once you make your very first challenge post, which will have a photo of your start weight, to prevent cheating, and a link to this challenge and you telling your friends how awesome this challenge is and even though it has already started, it's not too late for them to join in on the fun, and any goals you want to set up for yourself. The link your post to this post by using the above directions. (If you prefer to email us your photo, you may)

Also, please pay, if you have not. You can still start the challenge if you have not paid yet, but please put  your $10 in as soon as possible. Thanks! 

And good luck to everyone! Woot Woot!

Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Hello all! Just a friendly reminder that the challenge starts tomorrow. Be sure to email us or post your weight with photo by tomorrow.

Click the PayPal link to the right to submit your $10 entry fee. You can put your money in at any time, but you are not technically 'in the competition" until you put in your fee, but we are still happy to calculate your % and motivate you!

Any questions please ask :)

Best of luck!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are YOU Ready??!!

I hope you all are getting amped up for the Challenge starting Monday! I know we are!!!! Make sure you are sharing the Challenge so we can get as many people signed up as possible!
Mo' people Mo' Money!!

Make sure you send us your starting weight info, pic included on Monday, by email or post a link on our page to your blog. We understand not all people want there weight displayed for the public due to those mean awful trolls on the internet (believe me I know all about them), so sending an email with your info is perfectly fine and we promise it will be completely confidential! After the first weigh-in on the following Monday after all weigh-ins are calculated we will post the Top 3 'Biggest Losers" showing ONLY their percentage of weight-loss.

Sarah and I wish you the best of luck in this challenge! Our goal is to help inspire a healthy lifestyle and help you reach your fitness goals! Feel free to ask us any questions you might have, or just a encouraging chat to help you if you are in a rut! We want to spread the love!!

Happy losing!

Skinny thoughts and lots of love

-nothing changes if you're comfortable-

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pay Pal is up and running

To those of you interested in participating in this challenge, we are very excited to have you! Pay Pal is up and running if you wish to pay your $10.00 now you can, or you can wait until Monday, April 9th when the challenge officially starts.

Please also post a link to this challenge on your own blog for your followers and friends to see. We really want to get the word out for this challenge. The more people we have sign up, the bigger the prize is for the winner!

T-minus 5 days!