q: Who created this challenge?
a: "We" are Heather from Diaries of a Fat Girl and Sarah from Fat So Sarah

q: How does this challenge work?
a: It works like any other blog challenge, with once a week weigh ins and updates. The difference with this blog is there will be 2 winners. First place prize will be cold hard cash, the runner up will win some goodies :D While both Heather and Sarah will be participating in this challenge, neither of us will be claiming the prizes. Meaning TWO of you out there is guaranteed to win!

q: How long will the challenge last?
a: The challenge will last 8 weeks (April 9th to June 4th).

q: How did you both come up with this idea?
a: Both of us were looking for a motivating challenge, something to push us, something we can share with others. Not to mention a little healthy competition! Who wants that money?!

q: Why do I need to pay to participate in this challenge?
a: The reason we wanted to create a challenge in which the participants had to pay was, putting money into something is a great motivator, you wouldn't pay for a car you didn't drive, right? The money is a way of saying you're committed to the challenge, you're going to push yourself and see it through to the end. Plus winning first place is a motivating factor all by itself! $$$$

q: How much do I have to pay?
a: Only $10 bucks.

q: How do I pay?
a: Though the PayPal account created for the challenge. If you do not have PayPal, you may mail a check or cash. However, we do recommend creating a PayPal account. It's safe and easy to set up.

q: If I win, how much money will I get?
a: The winner will receive all the money put in from all the participants, exactly how much that ends up being depends on how many people actually sign up for the challenge.

q: I don't want to finish with the challenge, can I get my money back?
a: If you decide within a couple days you change your mind, yes. However, you can't get towards the end then decide you no longer wish to complete the challenge and expect your money back. If you drop out, the money will be kept and given to the winner of the challenge.

q: How will the winners be determined?
a: At the end of the challenge, the top 2 that loses the most body weight percentage wins. First place wins the money, second place wins the workout goodie basket.

q: How do I calculate my body weight percentage loss?
a: It's pretty simple:
  • lbs lost divided by current weight (5/200 = 0.025)
  • Multiply answer by 100 (0.025 x 100 = 2.5%)
q: I just saw this challenge and it already started, can I still join?
a: Yes, as long as you pay your $10 contribution, you can join at any time. 

q: How will you prevent cheating?
a: We know most all the bloggers out there are honest people, but cheating is still a concern. To prevent cheating, you are required to post a picture of your weight when you weigh in. You can use the scale or Wii Fit or whatever you wish, just as long as it shows your weight. Please refer to the RULES page to see how you are allowed to post your weight, for those of us who are a little more self-conscious, you have a few options.

q: When will I need to weigh in/update?
a: The challenge starts and ends on a Monday and we would like to keep the weigh ins on Mondays during the challenge. This will help tremendously by keeping all participants on the same page, weighing and posting at the same time and when the challenge is over, we can quickly announce the winners!

q: When will the winners be announced?
a: The winners will be announced the very next day after the challenge ends. It is very important you record your last weigh in (with photo) on or before Monday, June 4th. Once the winners are announced, that's it, there's no backsies. Even if you WOULD have been a winner had you weighed in on time. 

q: What prizes will the winners actually win?
a: The first place winner will receive all the money collect from all the participants, the actual amount will vary depending on how many people sign up. The second place winner will be mailed a workout goodie basket. 

q: What if I have a question that isn't on the FAQs?
a: No problem, if you have more questions please email us at: