Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Final Weigh-in!!!!!!!!!

Alright folks, this is it. The moment we have all been waiting for!! After last weigh-in, Heather and I decided NOT to post the "Top 3" for week 7. We instead wanted to keep it all a mystery and see you all fight it out to the death, muahahahahahahahahahahahaha................ahem.

I was GOING to post some encouraging words pushing you all to finish out strong, but my computer decided it was it's time to go to computer heaven and I just got a new one yesterday. 

Anyways! Lets have at this, shall we? Please post your weigh-ins. The winner will be determined by the total body weight percentage loss during the entire challenge. Meaning we will take your starting weight (from week one) and calculate the percentage from your final weight (week 8), then we shall make you all wait until Tuesday to announce the winner(s)!!

First Prize being the cash
Second Prize being a workout gift basket

Good luck to you all, you have worked so hard and no matter who ultimately wins you should be very proud of what you have accomplished in such a small amount of time!

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